Thursday, April 1, 2010


I am feeling bad because i did not write anything for such a long time.
I was busy.! yes i was making a small budget 1 and half hour digital film.
As I said it was such a small digital film that budget did not permit me to hire outside editor or anyother post production personnels.
I had to do everything by my self. I shot it with panasonic p2 502 en camera. Edited the whole thing all by myself. So now I learnt editing. It was a tiring and frustrating job, (those pros are actually next to god), but the thing is the interest pulls you in only when your are about half way through and checking your cuts.
then only I started to realize one thing. May be it so stupid to have come to know now, I shoud have known this long before.
But the fact is - that films are made on the editing table only. We need shots to edit and thats why we go out and shoot. In which case directors dont make films, but the editors are. If you are a good editor, then you exactly know how to call shots, and how to correct mistakes instantaneously on the shoot and correct yourself. If you dont know or have edit sense, then what you will do is take extra safety shots and retakes which is waste of time and energy and money. so those who wants to be budget conscious and make good films MUST have done editing by themselves.
this digital film was shot in 7 days and shot in kodaikanal estates out of which good half hour is chase sequence. This was possible just because all my previous shorts were edited by myself and so when I visualize itself I could do it in edit angle.
Atleast when you do big films your editor will not hate you.

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