Thursday, April 9, 2009

Digital thing

Now a days in India, everyone is talking about digital digital and digital. I am talking about Cameras (HD cameras). Especially in over here in chennai, that too, after 'Slumdog millionaire'.
This HD thing existed long back, only we became aware recently. Till then we knew about these HD cameras were available (Like Viper, Cinealta, even Varicam) some wanted to try and some will not take a chance. But no one dared. Abroad, hollywood had tried successfully on Viper, Sony cinealta etc (Miami vice, collateral etc) purely on HD. But over here, people were scared because these cameras respond to light in different way, than film cameras.
Whatever it is, result is no one tried. No one took risk.
But these technological advancements are meant to make things easier only though may not yet be up to the standards of film in quality wise.
But Its just the beginning.
There was a confusion when these ADAT 8 track recorders were launched. So many discussions and chaos went on. Almost everybody said no digital sound can beat Anologue spool tapes. But now, no recording studios has any spool recorders. Everything is digitized and no one even remembers about spools, though the spool tapes have their own sounding and warmth, which is now ofcourse digitally simulated.
What I am trying to say is that any medium for that matter, if you know how to use it, and work around the drawbacks, then you get what you want.
Its like asking why AR's sounding is superior compared to others, or Maniratnam's films have superior visuals than other directors and why certain DoP's are more expensive than other DoPs though everybody uses same gear.
It all depends on the taste and what you want.
Whatever it is, most important thing is your creativity and how you want to execute and how serious you are about your project.
As, these high end stuff with what ever unlimited capability, can not talk, write or think, only the person behind it can, that is ... you.

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